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A Tip to pair your Nolan N102 with Zumo 550

Pairing Nolan N102 N-com bluetooth to Garmin Zumo 550 gps

There are two pairing modes for the Nolan N-Com. This is not clearly mentioned in their set-up instructions. When pairing the Nolan bluetooth with the Garmin GPS you need to press and hold the Nolan "ON" button for approximately 9 seconds until LED's flash very rapidly. Note the LED's flashing after approx 6 seconds. You need to hold ON button a further few seconds until LED's flash rapidly. Once paired the configuration is saved automatically to the Garmin gps memory. Not hard to do once you know how.

I haven’t checked to see if this will work with later models as I’m still with my 550.

K100 Models List

Need to know what year K100 and other BMW models you have and if it's a grey import like my K100?

Here is a list of all K100s model and year designation with help from Phil Hawksley's "The ultimate BMW information Site"

BMW K100 Model and Year Designation.doc

DOWNLOAD K100 Model List

Convert K75-100 Low bar To High Bar  

Thinking of converting your K75-K100 low bar to a high bar.

Items you will need to have when you are go ahead.

(1) RT brake hose. The one that goes from your top yoke to your master cylinder.

(2) RT fast idle cable (choke cable).

(3) RT Clutch cable.

(4) RT throttle cable.

(5) RT dash pad as your RS one will not fit.

(6) RT gauge cluster bracket to mount your gauges on.

(7) Then you may have to look at the type of fairing you will have if any. I have come across others with this idea, (my self included) not realizing that there is more to changing just the bars over. Anyway when your back gets too old to lay over the tank and sitting up is the way to go, this little snippet is just to help you out if needed.

Motorcycle Alliance - A breakdown story

Ever broken down late at night and couldn’t fix your bike?

I had checked the fuses, changed a couple of relays as I had lost my ignition lights and the bike would not start. I had that problem in August of this year (20150) 89ks from my sister’s house near Perth WA. I had traveled from Bega NSW averaging 1,000ks per day and didn’t make it. Too dark to check everything on the bike so I rang up Motorcycle Alliance. Within around 20-30 minutes, they had arranged for a truck to pick up my bike and trailer, yes trailer which I also had covered with Motorcycle Alliance. The truck arrived in less than an hour which was around 11 pm and then and picked up the bike, trailer and myself included and transported us to my sister’s place. I still had to pay for some of the transport as it was over 50ks but it ended up a lot cheaper that having to pay the full price.

I’m not making anything out of this article I’m putting on my web site. This is just to give you an insight of a great service that I had to use for the first time in many years of riding.

By the way, the problem I found next day was only a loose front brake light torpedo switch. It kept blowing the number one fuse but at the time, my multi meter showed that the fuse was in good order. The break in the first fuse was that fine that when it was cool, the broken ends were touching.